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an exercise in awesome. Curated by Nathan McCallum

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jayidle asked: Love your workout posts on Instagram! Motivates! Greetings from your Cali Fan!! :)

I’m glad you like them. I’ll have something pretty exciting along these lines coming soon…

notanotherweirdough asked: How are your abs so defined all year round? Do you never do bulking and cutting splits?

I honestly don’t really do the “bulking” phase, as I’ve never tried to get too big. I just train for strength and shape more than anything. And my diet stays pretty consistent all year round.

siliconeprince asked: I'm seriously obsessed with your style.

Thankyou very much. So glad you can relate. It’s hard to keep it relevant as down here in Australia we are reverse climate from most of my following.

imfiguringitout asked: What kind of product do you use in your hair?

I have a little hair tutorial on the way in collaboration with a great brand…stay tuned.

hand-r-x asked: Hey Brother, I was wondering where you found those incredible navy overalls, you have in the 'I'm just a big kid' picture. I'm over in WA so I'm crossing my fingers it's an online store. As always, muchos appreciation for an awesome collection bud Thankyou ever so much, J

I actually designed and made them myself, as I couldn’t find any I liked either.

myplace2bfree asked: no questions. like ur blog, it's visually inspiring and u have gr8 hair and legs. have a wonderful day!

Haha thankyou. Appreciate that.

idonoso asked: You're pretty awesome. Thanks to you, I've been working out more regularly, and dressing my best just cause. I even grew a handle bar mustache just to try it out, and its probably my best decision yet. Thanks for the inspiration!

That is the reason I do what I do. Thankyou so much for the amazing feedback, I’m so glad to hear you are making positive changes for yourself. Keep it up!

cordelllawrence asked: What do you do to alter your jeans to fit the way you want?

I have a very talented and patient mother who helps me tailor my pants. But really it’s about knowing how you want them to fit and describing that to a tailor.

luminousjules asked: How many meals and snacks do you eat a day?

I eat 3 main meals, and have a few small (healthy) snacks in between.
I keep my food pretty basic and sugar-free during the week, and indulge my sweet tooth on weekends.

clungebobsquarepants asked: Hey, what fit are your nudie jeans in you post captioned 'walk away' ? Want to get some nudies and like how those fit. Thanks

They are very old “High Kai”….but they still fit the way they did when I bought them