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an exercise in awesome. Curated by Nathan McCallum

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juareziannnn asked: I really do have a man crush on you. Seriousness. Cheers

I have a man crush on Ryan Reynolds. Blade Trinity makes me want to work out more and grow a beard haha

kangarudy asked: I have my first test shoot for a modeling agency on thursday. Any tips for a first timer? Thanks!

I definitely don’t consider myself a model…so I’m not sure I can give the best advice. I guess they will have a certain “look” they if you don’t get the part, it’s not cause you are not attractive, just not the attractive they want. If that makes sense? Haha good luck though!

raynnatorres asked: find very interesting your blog, the way you dress, your personality, the encouragement you give people to practice physical activity .. you inspire me ... love to meet you,I live in Brazil ... more far :( kisses

Oh thankyou. Perhaps someday soon I will get to visit your beautiful country. Thankyou for the support x