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an exercise in awesome. Curated by Nathan McCallum

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gorankun asked: When did you decide to hit the gym? Like, did you have an epiphany one and decide that "hey, I should work out. lemme sign up in a gym!"? :D Rad stache btw

I’ve always let an active and healthy lifestyle…so it wasn’t an epiphany or anything. But in the past few months I have decided to share that passion with people more, show that it is very rewarding to be fit and healthy.

foolishonion asked: Hey Nate, rocking blog! Consistently awesome! This question is directed at your upper-lip, or rather the recipients of your upper-lip; Does Mr. King's Marvelous Mustache Wax have a good/bad taste during make-out sessions? My current wax, according to my boyfriend, "tastes like making out with a rusty can." Naturally I'd like to keep both my muzzy and my beau. Thanks! Laurence Cape Town, South Africa

I’ve never had a girl complain before…but perhaps I only kiss super polite girls? Haha. No it smells great, kinda citrus like…so fresh and so clean. Highly recommended!

little-trevor asked: Everytime I go on your page and read your asks I become even more fond of you! Nathan ya lovely :)

Oh thankyou lovely! Hopefully it gives a bit of understanding as to who I am as a person. X

cuntyotter asked: You are just so fly and the cutest thing ever

Man I wish I really could fly. But thankyou!

radicalnigguh asked: I have theses nice red wing boots and I was wondering what kind a jeans should I wear with them like straight,slim, boot cut. idk ????

I love redwings! You rock them however you feel comfortable. Personally I love a slim pair of jeans cuffed up to the top of the boot

personal-messiah asked: Hello! I was wondering if you could recommend any exercises that can help make wrists and forearms bigger.

Try pulling a towel over a bar and holding each end whilst doing pull ups. It will help build forearm and grip strength

savageposeidon asked: do you have a favorite color? have you ever been married?

Favourite colour…it’s a close call between purple and blue. Purple because it’s so regal, and blue because of my affinity for the ocean. And no…too young to be married yet.

trainerwheels asked: When are you going to NYC?

Girlfriend and I broke up a little while back, and I’m doing the double rent thing it’s been put on hold till I have more money.

cantsaycindy asked: I didn't know I had to follow you until I saw you in Oliver Peoples!! Then it was true love

Haha you have fine taste in opticals! Thankyou