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an exercise in awesome. Curated by Nathan McCallum

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seashellprimavera asked: I second that other Aussie. Finally an Australian that for fills the ideas that I think all Australians should have!!! Strong believes on personal health and fitness. Knowledge and belief in LGBT rights and a man who finally values With what they wear. FINALLY A GOOD SOCIAL AUSSIE.

Haha thanks man. I’m sure there are plenty of great guys out there, they just don’t have the crazy moustache to get them noticed haha

indie-vidiual asked: You looked fresh as at mbfwa, I didnt have the guts too talk too you but hahah!

Oh thankyou! You should of said hi! I always welcome new friends

chillypho asked: Nate - you are super friendly, have impeccable style, a sexy body, perfect hair/mustache... I'm curious what kind of music you listen to? And don't say everything! I'm sure you have your favorite artists/genres!

My you are full of compliments! You can get a feel for my taste in music here:

kangarudy asked: i tried to do those medicine ball push ups you posted the other day and ended up face planting haha your videos do motivate me though! keep 'em coming!

"If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again" haha keep it up homie!