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an exercise in awesome. Curated by Nathan McCallum

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ubberrubber asked: Hey dude you have killer style. I would like to know what are your favorite brands ? Or the brands you usually wear !

Currently my favourite is Vanishing Elephant. Love the styling and fit to all their pieces. Also a huge fan of Ksubi for that rock ‘n roll chic

acarde4 asked: Hey Nathan! Just wanted to tell you that blog is great inspiration and you have a great physique. I am obsessed with your body and would like to achieve a similar look soon. What is your diet like? Also, do you take any supplements?

My diet is balanced. A good mix of clean healthy food, with the occasional treat. I do take supplements too, along with training 5-6 days a week

fz4kri asked: I'm not really happy with your mustache not curved anymore.. But it's ur body so I'll just calm my tits.

To quote one of my favourite things ever: “Calm your tit. But just one tit. Leave your other one wild. That’s your party tit”

tsu-namis asked: How exactly do you cuff your jeans/pants? They look so perfect in your pictures and I can't seem to get my pants to look that way. Do you roll them twice, three times, pinroll? Thanks in advance, love your blog!

This all depends on the fit of the pants, but I am partial to the pin-roll most of the time, I like the tapered look it achieves

borboric asked: I hope not to bother but I must say you look stunning! :)

This type of message will never be a bother. How could I have a bad day when there are lovely messages like this waiting for me

benjiecon asked: So I follow you here and on instagram and I really like how different the two profiles are. like both are very fashionable and such but the insta is all you looking really good and fitness stuff and cool stuff like that while your blog is more of an aesthetic thing as a whole with your clever or cute titles on every post. i really like the dichotomy

Well you’ve got me pretty figured out! Haha thankyou, I’m so glad you can appreciate both.

playsoneontv asked: The beard looks good, dude. I'm a fan.

Thanks brother! I’m liking it for now. Just didn’t want to get trapped behind the moustache haha

cerulean-warbler asked: what cut jeans do you wear. I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit and we seem to be built similarly.

This depends on what look I’m going for, but generally a slim tapered fit is my go-to option

heartsinrevolt asked: I've said before I love how instead of just mastering one style you're very eclectic and I really enjoy that it's inspiring! What's your process when building an outfit? Do you think of an entire outfit before than or pick an article of clothing you want to wear and just build around it?

Ah thanks man. Usually I start with one piece (generally this is the sponsored item) and work from there. As to what style or theme, this depends on what I wore yesterday haha. I like to keep it fresh