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an exercise in awesome. Curated by Nathan McCallum

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bm00d asked: You are really awesome,with great style.I was wondering if you could tell me whats your instagram account's name in order to follow you and If you could follow me too!!!

My Instagram name is “isnathan”

mcilvennah asked: From one Australian to another I just wanted to say thankyou for being an inspiration to me in terms of fitness and fashion. You seem like such a down to earth lovely guy with an epic 'stache I can only dream of growing. Stay awesome.

Cheers man! Really appreciate the positive feedback. Means a lot.

thewinchesterthings asked: I'm going to a music festival in a few weeks and I was wondering what you would suggest to wear? I want to look good, but not like your typical d-bag hah. Your blog is awesome by the way. Cheers big fella

What sort of climate we talkin my friend?
Here in Australia festivals generally consist of muscle tees, Vans and cutoff shorts for me, with a flannel tied round my waist in case it gets cool at night.

gorankun asked: When did you decide to hit the gym? Like, did you have an epiphany one and decide that "hey, I should work out. lemme sign up in a gym!"? :D Rad stache btw

I’ve always let an active and healthy lifestyle…so it wasn’t an epiphany or anything. But in the past few months I have decided to share that passion with people more, show that it is very rewarding to be fit and healthy.

foolishonion asked: Hey Nate, rocking blog! Consistently awesome! This question is directed at your upper-lip, or rather the recipients of your upper-lip; Does Mr. King's Marvelous Mustache Wax have a good/bad taste during make-out sessions? My current wax, according to my boyfriend, "tastes like making out with a rusty can." Naturally I'd like to keep both my muzzy and my beau. Thanks! Laurence Cape Town, South Africa

I’ve never had a girl complain before…but perhaps I only kiss super polite girls? Haha. No it smells great, kinda citrus like…so fresh and so clean. Highly recommended!

little-trevor asked: Everytime I go on your page and read your asks I become even more fond of you! Nathan ya lovely :)

Oh thankyou lovely! Hopefully it gives a bit of understanding as to who I am as a person. X

cuntyotter asked: You are just so fly and the cutest thing ever

Man I wish I really could fly. But thankyou!

radicalnigguh asked: I have theses nice red wing boots and I was wondering what kind a jeans should I wear with them like straight,slim, boot cut. idk ????

I love redwings! You rock them however you feel comfortable. Personally I love a slim pair of jeans cuffed up to the top of the boot

personal-messiah asked: Hello! I was wondering if you could recommend any exercises that can help make wrists and forearms bigger.

Try pulling a towel over a bar and holding each end whilst doing pull ups. It will help build forearm and grip strength

savageposeidon asked: do you have a favorite color? have you ever been married?

Favourite colour…it’s a close call between purple and blue. Purple because it’s so regal, and blue because of my affinity for the ocean. And no…too young to be married yet.

trainerwheels asked: When are you going to NYC?

Girlfriend and I broke up a little while back, and I’m doing the double rent thing it’s been put on hold till I have more money.

cantsaycindy asked: I didn't know I had to follow you until I saw you in Oliver Peoples!! Then it was true love

Haha you have fine taste in opticals! Thankyou