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an exercise in awesome. Curated by Nathan McCallum

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thecolourlesscanary asked: You truly are an inspiration, from fitness and fashion to your personality, and not to forget your awesome mustache!

Thanks man! Appreciate the kind words!

sebas1987 asked: Briefs, trunks, boxer briefs or boxers? What do you wear? Which one you recommend?

I’m a briefs kinda guy myself. I like to run a tight ship haha.

dreamsinink asked: Are you human? Seriously, your workout videos are crazy! It's my mission in life to be able to do all the exercises you do... and then do them better! Thank you for being such a huge inspiration and such a chill guy!

Haha I’m always trying to improve on my skills too! Thanks man, really appreciate the support.
Hopefully I’ll have some rad new health/fitness stuff coming to bangarangblog soon!

style-fad asked: hey Nathan, just wondering how you started off in the big world of fashion? did you study anything? love your blog, keep it up :) x

No I never studied fashion…in fact…I really lacked any decent sense of style up until I was 18 haha. I kinda just fell into my jobs and worked hard at them. And my taste has developed over time to where it is now. I’m glad people like yourself can identify with it. X

deeherbz asked: is it inappropriate to ask what your sexual orientation is?

Not at all. And I appreciate the consideration. I’m totally straight, but entirely supportive.

whokilledmurder asked: hi! I really love your blog(: and I saw the post about you being a visual merchandiser. if it's not to much to ask I was wondering if i could send you some questions about your occupation for a class I'm taking. we need to ask 2 people questions about a job we would like to purse in our major. if your too busy I understand but I figured it's worth a shot(: thanks for your time!

That’s not a problem. Happy to help out where I can, so go for it.