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an exercise in awesome. Curated by Nathan McCallum

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oddxwolf asked: have you ever questioned your sexuality

Nah not really. I’m very comfortable with my sexuality, as much as I am straight, I can still appreciate a good looking guy. But appreciating is as far as it goes. Cute girls will always have my heart.

kangarudy asked: Seeing all your Sydney area photoshoots makes me miss that whole coogee to bondi trail haha

I’m pretty blessed to live somewhere so beautiful!

humilitas0ccidit asked: The more pictures of you I see, the more I want to photograph you. Ugh, you're a gorgeous man and the camera loves you! I would love to have you in front of mine :)

Haha I promise I’m far more awkward in front of the camera than it seems. I’m just lucky to have some rad friends to help me feel comfortable doing my thing.
But thankyou!

benthesquare asked: I love your blog and Instagram. You really inspire me to work on my body, my style, my hair and my facial hair because you are just always so on point! 👌

Haha thanks man, really appreciate that! We should always strive for self improvement, not just in aesthetics but in every aspect. Glad to be able to inspire in some way!

calvinunknown asked: There's a naked photo of you circling around, I assume it's fake.

Yeah I know. Someone photoshopped my face into porn. It’s definitely a fake.